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Common Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

New Article: Common Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
Summary: Bipolar disorder’s primary symptoms are unpredictable, severe mood swings. An individual suffering from the disorder experiences episodes that subject him/her to mood swings between severe mania and depression (most times with periods of normal moods in between). He/she may be more prone to mania or depression, or experience both extremes in equal frequency. This article enumerates the more prevalent symptoms of bipolar disorder and how to recognize them.


  1. Kennedy said...
    I am currently on bipolar medication and mood stabilizers to combat the mood swings, but this medication does nothing to combat the psychotic thought processes that I have though which are likely to come from the disorder.
    BhathiyaS said...
    I haven't got any experience in bipolar disorder. But it should definitely have a cure. Any illness has a cure...


    Bhathiya Senanayake

    Dual Diagnosis

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