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Regaining Personal Power in a Bad Economy

On Wednesday, I attended a talk and book signing by career coach, syndicated newspaper columnist, and book author Andrea Kay. Andrea was talking about her new book, Work's a Bitch and Then You Make It Work: 6 Steps to Go from Pissed Off to Powerful.
Although the book is ostensibly geared toward the corporate professional, Andrea talks a lot about choosing to have a positive attitude about your work and finding ways to make sure that work is noticed, even in an economy in recession. Though writers might appreciate the book's advice to help them keep (and even move up in) their day jobs, they can also benefit from her advice with regards to their writing careers.

A lot of writers feel depressed or pissed off when they receive yet another rejection, especially in light of a struggling publishing market. Andrea argues that some changes in the way you approach things --putting yourself out there, knowing your strengths, and deciding not to be a victim of a bad economy-- can make all the difference between failure and success.

I do have a bias about the book, since I'm quoted in it and because I often work with Andrea, but I was really inspired by her talk on Wednesday, and wanted to pass along some hope that you do have power over your destiny as a writer. Check the book out on Amazon or the next time you visit your local bookseller. If you happen to be living in Dayton, Ohio, you can catch her talk next week at Books & Co. at the Greene:
February 17, 2009
Books & Co. at The Greene
7 p.m.
4453 Walnut Street
Dayton, Ohio 45440


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