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Archetype Writing: What's Going On

Does this test pattern remind anybody else of
the Amityville Horror?
Just wanted to let you know why the site appears to be gone. (I promise it's temporary!)

The short explanation: The people I registered the domain name with changed the way their logins work and, in the process, they locked me out. As a friend of mine would say, ruh-roh.

Extended explanation: The domain name is whatever you name your website, in this case,  You pay a special fee for the right to use that name. When I initially built the Archetype site, I purchased the domain name (the right to use the name/address) and the server space (the physical space where the actual site material is stored) at the same time.  Sometime between then and now, the company that I purchased from transferred the domain name part of their service over to another company.  When they went to renew my server space and domain name, the server space (which they still control) went through fine, but the domain name (which is now handled by someone else) wouldn't go through.

I then got an email alerting me to the problem, and started trying to sort through what had happened.

I worked my way through several websites yesterday until I figured out who is holding my domain name hostage.  I called their technical support today and talked with a tech guy, and he told me that since the domain name expired two days ago while I was trying to figure out what was going on, I now have to talk to someone else...who works weird hours.

I will be calling her tomorrow, credit card in hand, to--I hope--get everything worked out and the domain transferred over to the service I normally use (which I've never had problems with locking me out). I'm hopeful that the site will be back up by Thursday or Friday.

In the meantime, rest assured that the Archetype site is safe.  The server space I use (where the actual website is stored) has the material right where it belongs, and of course I maintain backups locally.

Apologies for the temporary down-time. We'll be back up ASAP!


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