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Q&A Problems Fixed; Book Updates

If you've tried to send a question through my Q&A form and it hasn't worked OR if you sent me a question and I never answered it, please re-send. Someone let me know about the problem, and I've gotten the form all fixed now, and I'm receiving the questions properly again! I haven't done any Q&As lately for the blog, and I'd like to remedy that!

In Other News...

My latest Psychology Today post, What You Think You Know About Psychology May Be Wrong, was selected to be an Essential Read in PT's Creativity area, and was also recognized in a CNN Health blog.  The post is essentially a reiteration of the WGTP's premise, so if you like the post, you'll love the book!

Writer Stina Lindenblatt posted a wonderful review of the WGTP this morning -- she called it brilliant! You can check it out here.

The Kindle version of The Writer's Guide to Psychology is finally available!!  If you prefer a hard copy, of course, you can also get one of those!

Finally, don't forget my upcoming book signing in Columbus, Ohio: Saturday, January 22nd @ 2pm at the Borders on Kenny Road.


  1. Debbie Maxwell Allen said...
    Just wanted you to know that your site is fantastic. I just stumbled on it recently, and had to feature it so my blog readers could check it out. Thanks for your generosity!

    M Pax said...
    Congrats on the Psychology today article. That's wonderful.
    Precy Larkins said...
    Congrats on your article! I'll have to go and read it now. ;)

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