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Looking Back, Looking Forward at Writing in My Life

For this go round with the (blog) chain gang, Abi  asked

1. What writing related things have you done in the past?
2. What WiP's (work in progress) are you working on now?
3. Do you have anything brewing for the future?
4. Are you setting any writing goals or resolutions for 2009?

(For someone who said coming up with a question was hard, she sure did a good job -- coming up with four!)  Kate always comes before me in the chain, and Michelle is next!

1. What writing related things have you done in the past?

I think that most people know I've been writing for a long time, and that I write both fiction and nonfiction.  As is I think true across publishing, I've had more success seeing my nonfiction work in print, particularly because of my psychology background.  

Obviously one of my biggest projects was and is the Archetype Writing website, since I literally wrote a book's worth of information on psychology (and writing) for writers.  The site continues to grow, both through the work of other talented writers and through my own efforts.

I also did all the writing for GatchOnline, my other major website, which is about an anime that originated in 1972.  It was such a cult hit that it's been re-translated, re-imagined, and re-broadcast in every generation since; now Imagi Animation Studios is working on a CGI movie to be released in 2010.  My site has opened some really interesting doors for me.  Sandy Frank Entertainment, the company that translated the show I watched as a kid, was so impressed with my summary of the show that for several years they decided to use it on their own website.  I've also has some great interactions with the comic book artists who were responsible for the 2002 comics.

2. What WiPs (works in progress) are you working on now?
I'm currently revising an urban fantasy with romantic elements called A Touch of Madness.  

Shadowwalker, the urban fantasy/paranormal romance (not sure which it is yet) I wrote during NaNoWriMo '08, is also firmly in the WIP category.  
Finally, I have a manuscript without a title that's about 4/5 edited, though it's currently on the back burner because of the other two projects above.  It's science fantasy or maybe dark fantasy. Those fine delineations among genres confuse me.

3. Do you have anything brewing for the future?
I'm starting to think about possibilities for other nonfiction book proposals.  I need to buckle down and do some hard brainstorming.

4. Are you setting any writing goals or resolutions for 2009?
I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions.  Jess gave such a great answer in response to this question: "Instead of just choosing positive goals one time a year, I try to be consistently aware of it through the entire year."

I do hope I learn as much about the writing world this year as I did last year.  I thought I had a really good handle on most of it, but by joining a group of other serious writers at Forum  and on, I've learned more about other people's experiences.  Comparing them to my own has normalized some of my struggles, and the support of a group of people I respect, admire, and enjoy has fortified my determination  to keep working towards additional publications.

I do hope to blog more often here, and my enthusiasm for the Blog  has helped with that.  I have some good ideas for ways to keep this blog more lively!  If you have ideas for me too, please feel free to share!

I'm really pleased with the number of subscribers I'm carrying for this blog lately, so I think you all are appreciating more frequent posts, too.  I'd really love to read a bit about what your writing pasts and futures are like -- it would help me get to know my readers and perhaps tailor the blog (and Archetype website) a bit more to your interests and tastes.  So please take a moment to comment below, and feel free to include suggestions and links to your own blogs and websites!

Happy New Year, everyone.


  1. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...
    I think I need to bookmark your Archetype Writing website--it sounds like a great resource! It's also cool hearing about your other site too.
    Michelle McLean said...
    You are one of the most talented people I know...I know 2009 will hold wonderful things for you :) Good luck on your writing and editing! I love A Touch of Madness (and that is seriously an awesome title for it!) I look forward to reading more of your work!
    Elana Johnson said...
    Archy! I had no idea about your anime stuff! How awesome is that? Totally awesome. What a great post!
    H. L. Dyer said...
    I'm psyched to see what fabulous things you come up with this year. :)
    Anonymous said...
    Really impressive accomplishments. I am always humbled by the people I have met on QT...Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do to support writers. The community of writing is really what keeps all of us moving forward to accomplish our goals.
    Thanks again :)
    Anonymous said...
    Nice post. Good luck with all of your projects. Your Archetype Writing site is fabulous! Thanks.
    Anonymous said...
    Nice post! You girls are doing great with the QT blog!

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