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Resources Reorganization

Resources Reorganization

The Writing & Editing area of the Resources section of the site had gotten too large, so I did some reorganizing.

I divided the Writing & Editing into 2 new sections:
  1. Writing Essentials (which includes information on Characterization and Genres)
  2. Editing & Feedback
The Agents & Publishing area stayed the same.

The Real Psychology area, which used to be a mirror of (you guessed it) the site's Real Psychology section, has been updated and renamed Using Real Psychology.  You will now find articles in that area as well.

The Downloads area stayed the same.

The Research and Oddities section now has a wonderful article called The Writer's Guide to Research.  Keep an eye on this area, because author Michelle McLean is a researching expert (she has a Bachelor's degree in History and a Master's degree in English!), and I suspect we'll be seeing more articles on research from her.

The final two areas, Writing Links and Psych Links, stayed the same.


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