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Work in Progress Wednesday 6/18/09

I really should write these things on Tuesday night rather than Wednesday night.  Then they might actually get published on Wednesday!
I have been working hard on the nonfiction book.  I finished up a chapter on mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders (including bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and schizophrenia) and have been working hard on a chapter about childhood disorders (like autism and ADHD), eating disorders, and dementia (like Alzheimer's disorder).  I'm still going to try to at least get a good start on a third chapter before the beginning of July, so I've really got my nose to the proverbial grindstone!

Obviously if you have questions or thoughts related to those areas that you want me to be sure to include in the book, now's the time to tell me! 

I've also discovered that while it's easy to find movies and books that make mistakes when talking about things like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, it's not so easy to find ones that even address things like ADHD and anorexia.

I've also been brushing up on the Sopranos so I can talk about the show in the book.  I also got copies of In Treatment from my library, since I don't get the premium cable channels.  Kinda looking forward to In Treatment.  (I mean, let's face it, I could definitely do worse than having to look at Gabriel Byrne for an extended period of time.)

On the fiction front, I am nearly done with my NaNo novel -- or at least, done enough to have my readers take a look through it and start hacking it apart.  Alas, it is shorter than I want it to be, but I'm vaguely aware of some parts that might be strengthened, and if my readers notice the same things (and hopefully have some suggestions to help me figure out how to make those things better), that might add a few words.

Once people are reading that, I'll have to get back to work on A Touch of Madness.  I've decided to switch the whole damn thing into third person.  If that doesn't work...well, let's just not even go there, shall we?

For more information on Work In Progress Wednesday, you can visit Kate's blog -- she's the one who started this madness.  And definitely feel free to tell me all about how your WIPs are going in the comments below, or to leave a link to your own WIP post!


  1. Anonymous said...
    You'va made some great progress Carolyn. And I have no doubt you will figure out how to "fix" the things in your novels. Good luck and have a great week.
    Annie Louden said...
    Ooh, I want to check out "In Treatment" too. I'll have to get it on Netflix.

    Will I get to "hack away" at your NaNo novel?

    Great work on your nonfic book!

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