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Blog Chain: Writing Gems

This Blog Chain's topic was chosen by Michelle:

Share a favorite poem, quote, joke, anecdote, or anything of the sort that deals with writing, writers, the publishing industry, or the other strange and unusual tidbits that belong to our little world.
I'm the last one in this chain, so be sure to look at my fellow blog chainers to see lots of great writing tidbits!

I'm a Quotable Magnets fan, and here are the writing-related ones I keep above my desk:
I also keep this over my desk.  It's a Cliffs' Notes version of Robert J. Sawyer's discussion of Heinlein's Rules for Writing.  I can't recommend it highly enough (or, as my friends will probably attest, often enough).
I also have a great out-of-print book by Jon Winokur called W.O.W. Writers on Writing that is packed with quotes and worth the couple of bucks it would cost you online.  (Amazon Marketplace is selling it for a penny + shipping.) 


  1. Michelle McLean said...
    Ahhh!!! The Jon Winokur book is the one I have!! It's always on my desk - it is where I get almost all my quotes. It is an AWESOME book - I completely love it! :D

    Excellent post, Archy, as always :)
    Anonymous said...
    Love your magnets! The Lewis Carroll quotation always makes me laugh, while being quite inspiring too.

    Thanks for the tip on John Winokur...I'll have to stop be Amazon.

    Nice post, Archy!

    Kate Karyus Quinn said...
    Oh, I love those magnets! Great post to wrap this topic up!
    Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...
    I think the Lewis Carroll quote is especially appropriate for science fiction/fantasy writers. But they were all good.
    Elana Johnson said...
    Fantastic post, Archy. Excellent quotes and I'm definitely going to be getting that book. You always inspire me. :D
    TerriRainer said...
    Great post!

    :) Terri
    Leah Clifford said...
    Great post! As for the Rules, of the 3 left, two won't follow the submission guidelines so that publication credit is all yours!
    Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...
    LOL Words -- we can only hope!!
    Jessica Verday said...
    OOOOOOh! Awesome post and how have I never heard of the magnet store before?? Sigh. There goes all my money... ;)

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