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NaNoWriMo -- Halfway Day

Well, November 15th has come and gone, and I have written a grand total of 31,050 words so far for NaNo.

I'd be feeling pretty good about that if I had any idea where the next 20,000 words are going to come from. 

I made a desperate posting to my writing friends asking how the heck I'm going to figure out the end, and thanks to them at least I figured out why I don't know how it's going to end...I'm not there yet.  (And that's good because a 31,050 words does not a novel make.)

I'm not sure I'll ever do this to myself again, so I'm trying to enjoy the process.  (Inasmuch as anyone can enjoy pounding out enough words in a single month to bruise their little fingers.) 

My dear friend Elana talked a bit in her blog about how she's NaNo-ing in a notebook rather than on the computer.  Apparently her obsessive internet-checking behavior has decreased significantly as a result.  I would consider trying that if I didn't think the withdrawal might kill me.

I've tried using notecards to lay out plot points for the first time, and I'm finding them really helpful.  I was running out, though, so I went to a local Staples to find some more.  Only thing was, I only want unlined notecards, and the only way I could get unlined notecards was to buy 500 of them.  That's a lot of friggin' notecards.


  1. H. L. Dyer said...
    You rock superhard, babe!

    Look at you go!!
    Anonymous said...
    Yeah, but you'll need those 500 notecards for the rest of this novel, and the next one, and the next...
    31 K! That is beyond awesome! Way to go, girlfriend!
    Kate Karyus Quinn said...
    OMG that is a lot of words!!! I am in awe. Seriously.
    Mary Lindsey / Marissa Clarke said...
    You are awesome. Truly amazing. 31K! Woot.

    Love the notecard idea. I write in a journal when I have ideas, but find myself frantically searching for a thought, finding it and going to another section of the journal for the next thought in the sequence. I'm switching to notecards. I found some that work on a loose ring arrangement that makes it roughly the size of my journal, but I can put thoughts in order later. Woo hoo!

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