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From My Blog to Yours...With Love

Michelle and Mary came together to give me the way cool I Love Your Blog award!  My first blog award! 
And now that I have it, I've got a few people I want to give it to!
  1. Monkey Pi always cracks me up.  Whether he's talking about writing, astronomy, technology, sci-fi, the joys and tribulations of family-hood, or just some other wacky thing that caught his eye yesterday, I'm hooked.  Still one of my favorite posts is the one where he proves that Han Shot First.
  2. The Last Psychiatrist is my psychology idol.  I'm not so sure this guy is going to want a little heart on his blog, but he's getting one anyhow.  This guy doesn't just get it, he Gets It.  And he's going to tell you about it, whether you like it or not.  So much of psychology is about political correctness, but TLP tears all the proper walls down and tells it like it is.
  3. Diinzumo is the online go-to resource for all things Gatchaman, and her Gatchablog always has exciting tidbits on new projects and merchandise.
  4. Jessica Verday runs cool contests, blogs on the chain, and has a book called The Hollow coming out in the fall of 2009! 


  1. Shauna said...
    I am new here. What a great blog :)
    Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...
    Thanks so much, Calm! So glad you found me! :-)

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