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Funnies for the Jingle Bell Chain

What with the holidays being so busy, this go-round the blog chain is doing a "Jingle Bell Chain" in which everyone just posts on the topic of their choice.  Mary did a beautiful job talking about what a great boon online writing friends can be that I've been stymied on what to post.

Tonight, it came to me.  You know that sometimes I post "timewasters" because...well, just because I end up doing silly timewasting things online when I should be writing.  So in the spirit of the holidays, here are some holiday funnies from my favorite timewasting websites. is probably my all-time favorite timewaster.  It's filled with user-captioned photographs of funny cats (though there is a sister site for "hot dogs".).  Part of what makes it so funny is that the pictures are captioned in LOLspeak, which is like a combination of Engrish and baby talk.

Some of them are writing-specific. has a sister site with funny graphs:
For obvious reasons, I also get a kick out of psychology humor.

Last but not least, I'd like to offer something I found a while back that always makes me smile.  I like speculative sf/f, but sometimes it's tough to explain the subgenres to people who aren't into that particular genre.  I thought this was a great explanation for steampunk.

Happy holidays, everyone!

We're posting out of order this time, so be sure to check out the posts of everyone on the chain.  Part of mixing it up was linking to different people, so in addition to Mary (above), be sure to check out the person who comes after me, Heather.


  1. Elana Johnson said...
    Dude, Archy you had me at Steampunk. I love that genre. I just like saying it. Typing it. I love cyberpunk too. I wish I could think of something cool to write about in those genres. Maybe someday...Cool funnies!
    Kate Karyus Quinn said...
    What an excellent Christmas present of a post!
    ShawnBlarg said...
    I LOVE Icanhascheeseburger. xD We need moar timewasters...or less. Two sides of my head telling me two different thing doesn't always work out.
    Michelle McLean said...
    Ahhh! A woman after my own heart :D I spend a ridiculous amount of time on lolcats (and hot dogs and the funny celeb pics and graphs, and....well, you get the point) :D Excellent funnies!
    Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...
    Just what I needed today! Have a happy holiday!
    H. L. Dyer said...
    The first one is my favorite!
    Anonymous said...
    Gotta luv LOLcats! Timewasters...a writer's almost best friend. :)

    Funny post!

    Have happy holidays!!!
    Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...
    LOL -- you guys are all going to reinforce my tendency to post timewasters! ;-D
    Mary Lindsey / Marissa Clarke said...
    LOL! Well done. I wish I could get my icanhazcheezburger time back. I'd have enough time to write a book!

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