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Subscribe via Email & the QT Blog

I've added a Subscribe via Email link to the blog.  Sorry that took so long, I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't realize how popular it was to read blogs that way.

I also want to let you know about another writing site I'm now a part of: The Blog.

If by some chance you haven't visited yet, what are you waiting for?  It's the site for finding literary agents and tracking submissions to them.  I used it to find my agent.  I also blogged about it when I first found it, and I love it more now than I did when I found it.  It's free, though you can buy a premium subscription for extra features.  (I don't get a kickback if you start using QT, it's just that awesome.)

Along with four other fun, wacky women and the master sitebuilder himself, Patrick McDonald, I'll be blogging several times a week on hot topics like important industry news (including agent contests and announcements), hot writing and publishing tips, a soon-to-be announced QT Blog contest, and ways to use, QueryTracker Forum, and RallyStorm to help you become a better writer, find an agent, and get published!


  1. Ripley said...
    Congratulations on your relentless efforts to get your work out there. I hope you will post when your book(s) is published. Some of us are still fans.
    Mary Lindsey / Marissa Clarke said...
    Wacky? *wink*
    Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...
    Definitely wacky. Especially when we do the elf dance routine. ;-)

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