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Writing as Wish Fulfillment?

This time, Sandra Ulbrich Almazan picked the blog chain topic:

What is the role of wish fulfillment in fiction? What personal wishes do you want your stories to fulfill? Are they the same ones you want to read about?

Though I'm sure there's some wishing involved in my writing, I don't think that's my main purpose in writing. I think I write more to express different facets of myself.  But that's not what this blog topic is about; this blog topic is about what kinds of wishes might sneak into my stories.

Like Elana, I'd love to have some special powers.  When I was a student, I always thought it would be fun to be able to move things with my mind -- wouldn't that totally mess with the teacher?  Now that I am the teacher, I think it would be fun to be able to move things with my totally mess with the students.  I can't tell you how many cell phones would be flying out of people's hands as they attempted to text.

From time to time I enjoy reading (or writing about) a romance, but I enjoy it more if it's about a woman who's as strong and capable as the man, so I suppose that tells us something about the types of relationships I wish to have.  I enjoy the romance even more if it's part of a paranormal/urban fantasy -- yep, the ones with the inevitable tattooed and sword-wielding but sexy badass on the cover. And what kind of wish might that fulfill?

You know, I think the wish is to get published and have my very own badass on a cover that would be a dream come true!

I have just not done justice to this topic.  If Mary hadn't done such a good job with it, I might have talked about Freud's theories of wish fulfillment.  Fortunately, Michelle comes after me in the chain, and her post is awesome!


  1. Michelle McLean said...
    Ooo, tattooed and sexy badasses....hmmm, now there is a fun wish ;) And I'm with you...if that sexy badass happens to be on the cover of one of MY books, that would indeed be one of my wishes come true!! Moving things with my mind would be such a cool power. I could take care of the kids while I'm writing and never have to get off the computer! :D Ooo, I am totally writing a story about that LOL :D
    Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...
    Special powers and sex--who wouldn't want that? Oh, yeah, and being published too.
    H. L. Dyer said...
    Okay, Psychology Expert... what does it say about you that you want special powers just to mess with people? *snort*
    Kate Karyus Quinn said...
    I like strong female characters in my romance too... although they don't necessarily have to be tattooed. Great, funny, post!
    TerriRainer said...
    I love those book covers!

    I like the damsel in distress with the strong hero, but I think that's because I am such a strong type-A personality.

    :) Terri
    Elana Johnson said...
    Dude, I would so have special powers to mess with people. Like pushing down their gas pedals when they're going freaking slow in the fast lane! Awesome post!
    Mary Lindsey / Marissa Clarke said...
    Mmmm. Tattooed badasses. I'm writing about one of those. Wish fulfillment...uh...maybe?
    Anonymous said...
    Geesh Archy!...your very own badass or perhaps a badass of your very own???

    Love this post and of course, you hit every writers be published.
    Susie Bramble said...
    My son is a drama technician, and during the school play (after repeated requests to turn all cell phones off because they interfered with the wireless microphones) one techie had a red laser pointer up in the techie booth. If anyone texted down in the audience, the techie pointed the laser at their phone, which in turn reflected a bright red light into their face. HA HA!

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