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How to Help Save Publishing

The economy is terrible right now (I know, duh), and it has been especially hard on the publishing industry, but HL Dyer created the graphic at right to remind us all not to panic. 

And there is something you can do to help -- buy a book. 

Before you decide that you have a perfectly good library right around the corner, remember that writers who someday hope to publish need the publishing industry!  And you can help insure that publishing will still be there, looking for great manuscripts, when you're ready to submit...just by buying a book.

So buy a book!

Consider asking for books from family and friends who need suggestions; also consider buying books for everyone on your shopping list!

Need some suggestions?  Check out BookEnds agent Kim Lionetti's holiday shopping suggestions.

I read all the time, and I try to keep my AllConsuming list (at left) updated so you can see the kinds of great books I've found.  I've also hand-picked the best psychology and writing books for writers and put them all in one place for you.  Among them are books that helped me find and win over my agent, the magnificent Kate Epstein; books that give me ideas when I'm running out; books that give me hope when I'm ready to give up; and the psych resources I use when I'm writing!


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